Chloe Sevigny both “loved and hated” being a teenager.

Chloe Sevigny

Chloe Sevigny

The 46-year-old actress has looked back on her “pretty wild” adolescence, as she said she would often go to parties and “show up at work the next day still on ecstasy”, before eventually calming down in her 20s.

She told The i newspaper: “I loved and hated being a teenager.

“I was itching to get out of the town where I was living. I was running wild in the streets and meeting new friends that were kindred spirits. We would hang out in parks all day and night, go to raves and I’d show up at work the next day still on ecstasy. I was pretty wild, but I quietened down in my 20s. I’d gotten a lot out of life by that point.”

And whilst Chloe no longer uses drugs, she did recently admit that she felt as though she was "on ecstasy" after giving birth to her son Vanja, whom she welcomed into the world with her boyfriend Sinisa Mackovic in May this year.

She said: "You feel like you're on ecstasy for the first three weeks because there's this big push because you're so exhausted. Your body exudes this crazy oxytocin love hormone where you just feel like you're high. That was really fun. I was like, I would do this again, just for this high.”

And Chloe said the new arrival has meant she doesn't get much done during the day, as she's too busy fawning over the tot.

She added: "I'm usually really good at time management. I'm actually really proud of how I get everything done in a day. I keep lists, and I'm very organised. Since I've had the baby, I'm just like, I don't know how anybody gets anything done. I have to cook for everyone, then clean, then feed him, then clean him. We've been lucky that Sinisa's been home from work, and he helps all the time. He's on Zoom calls 24 hours a day, half of them holding the baby."

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