Chris Martin joked he "forced" his kids to appear on his new song.

Chris Martin

Chris Martin

The 42-year-old Coldplay frontman has revealed his children's - Apple, 15, and Moses, 13 - appearance on his new track 'Orphans' was just by chance.

Speaking to, he quipped: "Well we've always kind of forced our children to work. We really appreciate the Victorian times of young British children getting an honest day's pay. Whenever we're on tour, any of the kids that are around, we'll drag them on stage for something or other. It just so happened that when I was doing the demo of that song 'Orphans' I just asked my children and a couple of their friends, and then ultimately loads more people if they would sing the chorus. They're so sweet about it, and of course we do pay them properly. Of course I'm bias, but I really like listening to them. So to be me they made the song sound great."

Meanwhile, Chris previously revealed he had asked his kids if they wanted to appear on the song rather than the other way around.

Speaking about how his kids got involved, he said: "I asked them. Gosh, no. And I pay them, proper fees like everyone. And they are allowed to say no."

There is one track on the album called 'Daddy', which Chris admits has some influence from being a father himself as well as other meanings.

He added: "OK. I don't like explaining songs. However, that came from three places. First, I have many people in my life whose dads f***** off, which is sad and confusing and, if you empathise as a dad, you wonder, what was he feeling that he thought that would be best? Second, I have kids, and I have to leave all the time.

"Third, and most important, [that song was] written after learning about the prison industrial complex in America; the outright racism woven into so many laws, and kids who, as a result, are denied their fathers. The world is in such a way that you can no longer just sit back with your creature comforts and ignore the rest of it."