Chrissy Teigen and John Legend spend their kid-free date nights looking at pictures of their daughter.

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend

The superstar couple are expecting their second child, a baby boy, and are already parents to 22-month-old Luna but they always schedule evenings out without for themselves to enjoy quality time as a couple.

However, the pair find themselves speaking about their little girl when they are supposed to be focusing on one another.

The 32-year-old model has told the new issue of Us Weekly magazine she "didn't expect" her and her 39-year-old musician husband to be the kind of parents who'd spend an evening alone just talking about their child.

She said: "We never thought we'd be those people. But it's fun. She went sledding for the first time, and we shared videos of that on date night."

Chrissy can't quite believe how quickly Luna is growing up ahead of her second birthday in April, and she revealed she doesn't "like to brag" about every new thing she does because she's changing so often.

She added: "She's such a toddler. She's a new human this week. I never like to brag about any of her milestones because next week it'll be a different story."

It comes after the proud mum joked that her unborn son is a "monster" who is sucking the life out of her.

She recently tweeted: "This baby is sucking the life from me. Drinking my water, making me dry. Eating my food, making me hungry. Taking my health, making me sick. Why do we create these monsters they want us dead? (sic)."

However, she previously insisted that she actually loves being pregnant, and said she is "happier" when she's expecting a baby.

Chrissy said: "It's sick. People have all different types of pregnancies and I really prefer it. I think John prefers it. I'm happier. If anything, I'm just, like, a little bossier."