Chrissy Teigen and John Legend named their daughter Luna because it "sounded beautiful".

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

The 31-year-old model and the 'All of Me' musician, 38, welcomed their daughter into the world in April 2016, and Chrissy has now revealed they gave her the moniker Luna Simone Stephens because John was adamant that her name was pleasing to the ear.

She said: "I think when John and I were picking a name, we wanted something that sounded beautiful. Of course, John is big on the sound of things."

Chrissy, on the other hand, was a fan of the way the name looks when written down, and wants to get the tot a "nameplate necklace" so she can show off her adorable moniker.

She added: "I would love to be able to give Luna maybe a customised piece of jewellery. I think there's something really beautiful about her name - the way it's written.

"I was thinking more about how it was written and it's just so feminine and so beautiful the way you write it, that I love it in like maybe a nameplate necklace or something would be so cute on her."

One piece of jewellery the 'Lip Sync Battle' host won't be forcing on Luna is earrings, as she wants to let her daughter choose whether or not she gets her lobes pierced.

Speaking to E! News, Chrissy said: "She doesn't have her ears pierced and I'm going to let her decide when she wants to do that. I remember when I was little what I went through. My mom did it for me."

Chrissy and John are currently trying for a second baby together, and the beauty recently revealed she wants to be "pregnant for the rest of her life".

She said: "I feel good, I feel good, we're still trying ... I'm going for I mean hopefully in the next few years because for me I really want to just knock 'em out. That's my dream, I want to just be pregnant kind of for the rest of my life. Not for the rest of my life, but the rest of my fertile life. So we'll see."

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