Chrissy Teigen's daughter won't eat the food she cooks.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen

The 31-year-old model has 13-month-old daughter Luna with her husband and musician John Legend, and has said it "breaks her heart" that the tot won't eat the food she prepares for her, but has no problem eating her grandmother's cooking.

She said: "If I try to steam green beans or puree them, she will not eat that. She loves my mom's scalloped potatoes, she loves real food, but she will not eat my own food, which kind of breaks my heart. I take it personally!"

And it isn't just Luna's grandmother who gets special treatment when it comes to the young girl's meal times, as Chrissy admits Luna will also happily eat anything that her father gives her.

The 'Lip Sync Battle' host said during an episode of 'The Rachael Ray Show' due to air on Friday (19.05.17): "If John feeds her, she'll be like 'Dada! Dada!' and she'll eat anything! Moms, you know there is just no getting around it. They just love their daddy."

Meanwhile, the 'Love Me Now' singer recently revealed that Luna hasn't been introduced to "entertainment" of any kind just yet, although she has started to take an interest in her parents' mobile phones.

John said when talking about the projects he chooses now he's a father: "I will probably do a few more things that are kid-friendly, but I'll still make music for grownups. We actually haven't given her any entertainment [or] television yet, but soon enough. She sees us on our phones all day and she's, like, jealous. She wants to grab them all the time."

And the 38-year-old musician admits baby Luna influences a lot of his decisions now, as he's conscious about the world she's going to grow up in.

He added: "I think about the world I want my daughter to grow up in. I think about the world I want to see, and I want a world where people have opportunity and where people have justice, where people have equality. I'm in a position where I [can] advocate for them, fight for them, and use my celebrity and my voice and my audience for good."