Christina Hendricks misses her 'Mad Men' alter ego "every day".

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks

The 40-year-old actress loves the fact fans still want to talk to her about her character, Joan Harris, because it means she can keep a link to the show, despite it having ended.

She said: "I miss her every day already. The nice thing is, people are still enjoying the show and watching it. So, daily, people come up and say something nice about the show, so I get to still have those memories."

And Christina admitted she has a "fabulous" idea for a spin-off show starring herself and Elisabeth Moss, who played Peggy Olson.

Speaking to 'Entertainment Tonight' on the red carpet at last night's (30.01.16) Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards, she joked: "Joan and Peggy spin-off - we fight crime."

Her husband, Geoffrey Arend, added: "But in the future. They get buried in a time capsule, and they wake up in 2075."

Christina previously admitted Joan was similar to herself as creator Matthew Weiner started changing her character the more he got to know her.

She said: "After Matt got to know me better, he started incorporating aspects of my personality into Joan. At first she was rather intimidating and snarky, but then she got more sensitive and vulnerable, which is a lot more me infused in her."