Christine Lampard says her husband Frank Lampard made her a healthier person.

Christine and Frank Lampard

Christine and Frank Lampard

The TV presenter married the retired England footballer in December 2015 around six years after they began their relationship, and she admits that watching Frank's commitment to his fitness for his career inspired her to hit the gym and take physical fitness seriously.

Christine, 39, revealed the effect Frank, 39, had on her on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (02.05.18) during a panel discussion about women trying to change their men, in particularly Meghan Markle putting her future husband Prince Harry on a diet ahead of their wedding this month

She said: "Frank changed me, cause he's 'Mr. Fitness' and stuff. He was the one that changed me, he'd be going to the gym every day and I was the one thinking, 'Oh, maybe I should go to the gym.' So maybe I did strive to be a bit more healthy because of him."

Christine insists she has never treated Frank - who has two daughters with his former fiancée, Spanish model Elen Rivas - like a pet project and tried to change him too much, because she loves him for who he is.

And the Irish star has never tried to change his wardrobe because the former sportsman has great fashion sense.

She said: "There wasn't much to change really, fashion wise he's quite good."

After almost nine years together, Christine recently revealed that she and Frank have date nights to keep the romance alive in their relationship.

She spilled: "I love the idea of going back to basics. I love my date nights, I love pretending that I'm 18 again. Maybe you get your hair done and I know this sounds really soppy but I'm talking about the little things. We can have one night where it is just us.

"I fancy him very much. I feel very lucky [to be with him]. I just think no matter whether your husband has changed his appearance in the time you've been together, there must be something there that you still fancy. That is why I think going back to basics and doing dead simple things and just having a takeaway together. That's what we do. If you can keep that, you can keep everything else ticking along ... if you know what I mean."