Christine Lampard only feels safe now that her stalker is free because her mother tracks her location on a mobile phone.

Christine Lampard

Christine Lampard

The 39-year-old TV presenter suffered years of hell as she was pursued by stalker Christof King and her mother has taken to keeping tabs on where she is at all times as King is out on bail until his sentencing later this month.

Pregnant Christine told the Sunday Mirror: "My mum has Find My Friends on my iPhone so she can keep track of everything I'm doing.

"I'm 39... if I stay out late she knows about it and where I've been. She's always asking why I stayed out so late.

"But I've come out the other end. It wasn't ideal. I feel safer now."

Wannabe actor King had wanted Christine to give him advice on the industry but he left her terrified by sending a series of hateful text messages and even turning up at her home.

She said: "I do not go out alone any more, I always go out with someone. I worry about him waiting for me to arrive home."

In a statement to the court, Christine's husband Frank Lampard, 40, said: "It's made us feel very vulnerable, she became flustered and nervous.

"We've had to change our way of life."

Before bailing King for psychiatric assessment, Judge Robin Johnson warned him: "I don't rule out imprisonment.

"Those tweets are sinister. He has little insight into the consequence of his actions."

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