Claire Danes has welcomed her second child into the world.

Claire Danes

Claire Danes

The 'Homeland' star's publicist has confirmed that Claire gave birth to a baby on Monday (27.08.18), making her five-year-old son Cyrus a big brother.

It has not been revealed what the gender or name of the newest arrival is.

The 39-year-old actress - who has Cyrus and the new baby with her husband Hugh Dancy - previously confessed her son had mixed emotions about being an older brother to the new baby.

She said: "He's mostly enthusiastic about it. There was a little wobble a couple months ago, where he was saying, 'You're gonna love the baby more than you love me,' and then I was gonna love everybody more than I love him! Anybody who walked through the door, he'd say, 'You love that person more than you love me!' But he's come around, We've moved through that and he keeps kissing my stomach ... It's very sweet, but I'm sure it'll go back and forth ... feelings of excitement, and dread, and resentment."

And Claire is no doubt pleased to have given birth as she recently revealed she finds flying whilst pregnant "complicated".

She shared: "Everything's just a little more complicated when you're knocked up. I have to wear compression stockings. I should be wearing them all the time, but I definitely have to wear them when I fly. And they're dreadful. So there's a lot of pressure on the lower extremities right? So it interferes with circulation, so it's harder for the blood to get back up to the heart. Anyway, so I hate these things and so I refuse to wear them until it's entirely essential."