Claire Holt suffered with postpartum anxiety after the birth of her first child.

Claire Holt with Andrew Joblon and son James [Instagram]

Claire Holt with Andrew Joblon and son James [Instagram]

The 'Vampire Diaries' star is currently pregnant with her second child but admitted that after she welcomed son James, 15 months, she really struggled.

She wrote on Instagram Stories: "After I had James, I really struggled with postpartum anxiety.

"Breastfeeding was incredibly difficult, he suffered from a cow's milk protein allergy (which he has thankfully grown out of), his sleep was pretty much non existent, and I felt so overwhelmed.

"I had friends with babies and I was so grateful for their advice, but I certainly didn't want to call or text at 2am with my endless list of issues."

Claire, 32, went on to reveal that discovering the Peanut app - which connects mothers - saved her.

She said: "Instead of the frantic late night google searches, I could have connected with other women experiencing the same things I was. I'm certain I would have felt less isolated and afraid.

"Motherhood is the single best thing I've ever done in my life. It's also the most challenging."

Claire - who is expecting a girl with her husband Andrew Joblon - also shared a post on her main Instagram page, writing: "I also wish I'd discovered the @peanut app when I was pregnant with James. After I gave birth, I really craved connection - motherhood can be so isolating and scary at times. If I had known about this encouraging community, I'm certain I would have found the transition easier. The app is a safe space to meet other moms, moms-to-be and women trying to conceive. It helps you build relationships with other women going through exactly what you are, so that you can find support, advice, or even just a place to vent. The Pregnancy and Motherhood group has really helped me with my second pregnancy. Having a safe space to share the ups and downs of raising children is so important, which is why I encourage all mamas (and future mamas) to join. #peanutapp #ad (sic)."