Connie Britton has "just got over" COVID-19.

Connie Britton had COVID-19

Connie Britton had COVID-19

The 54-year-old actress was fortunate to have a "mild" case of the virus but admitted it was difficult trying to maintain a distance from her 10-year-old son Eyob to prevent him from contracting it too.

She wrote on Instagram: "I just got over COVID. Usually I’m pretty private but I wanted to share a little bit of my experience with y’all, particularly if you’re a parent trying to manage keeping your little ones negative in the same house, or vice versa. Because whooo that was not easy. When I tested positive I called my doctor in a panic and he broke it down for me. Masks. If you’re both masked and avoid face to face contact, that can keep the virus from spreading.

"Of course avoiding face to face contact with your 10 year old is no easy feat (I can’t imagine if I had a real little!). I basically stayed in my room (here seen with Merle, who along with my other 2 dogs, was great company) and told Yoby the kitchen was off limits. Then I could go in there masked and prepare meals for both us which we’d eat in separate rooms.

"Honestly the worst was not being able to hug or even make close eye contact with my son who has spent 1/5 of his life now upended from this pandemic. Kids, and all of us, have been living in fear of this thing for 2 years. And now mom has it!! And he might get it! So frightening.(sic)"

The 'Friday Night Lights' actress urged people to get vaccinated if they haven't already as she feels that's what kept her symptoms mild and stopped her son from contracting the virus.

She continued: "Which brings me to my other point. So many lives have been lost, families have been ravaged, so much fear and suffering and loss over this thing. I am vaccinated and boosted and my case was so mild, if it wasn’t COVID I wouldn’t have missed a day of work. I was so grateful, having feared the damage, particularly to the lungs, that a bad case of COVID can do.

" This was the thing we’ve been running from in fear for 2 years. But I do believe my vaccines made it more mild. And my son’s vaccines protected him and made it so he could go to school after an initial isolation as long as he was masked and remained negative, which was so much better for him than knocking around a house trying to avoid his mom like the literal plague!

"Please do whatever you can to keep your immune system strong, stay masked, and get the vaccine. This is our job right now. And particularly do it for those who have to be out working and then go home and keep their kids safe. Let’s help each other be healthy and well.(sic)"