LL Cool J "sped" in his sports car until his now-wife agreed to marry him.

LL Cool J

LL Cool J

The 'NCIS: Los Angeles' star has been happily married to spouse Simone for 21 years and he claims he scared her into accepting his proposal.

Asked if he could remember popping the question, he told 'Extra': "I just sped in my Porsche till she said yes. I wouldn't slow down. I'm serious. I'm telling the truth."

The 48-year-old star - whose real name is James Smith - previously revealed he splashed out on a dozen luxury cars when he first found fame as a rapper when he was a teenager.

He previously recalled: "When I started out I bought my mother a house and had 10 or 12 cars - BMWs, Benzes, Porsches."

But these days the star's "luxuries" are much more modest.

He said: "The luxury I have in my life now is I can buy all the books I want and I can always have brand new trainers on. I remember going to school and having books that were already written in and had pages missing. My thing isn't money. Don't get me wrong. I want £10 million right now, today. I'll take it. But that's not my sales pitch. I'm not trying to show people how rich I am. But I do like diamonds and nice things."

He also makes sure he doesn't overindulge his four kids and he teaches them the value of money and hard work.

LL explained: "I teach them to be grateful and I don't spoil them. They have things but they won't ever have everything. I won't ever overdo it ... There has to be something in their lives to strive for and they have to learn the value of creativity. It can't only be about money because no matter whose child your are the only thing that's really going to make your life amazing is creativity. If you're not creating in your life, your life won't be about anything. I don't want their life to be about what they can get from me."

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