Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith

Cory Monteith enjoyed "a quiet night with a lot of laughing" two days before he passed away.

The 31-year-old actor was found dead in his hotel room in Vancouver, Canada, on Saturday (13.07.13), but on the Thursday (11.07.13) he had dined with manager Elena Kirschner and acting mentor Maureen Webb at East of Main where the actor seemed happy.

Maureen told PEOPLE magazine: "He looked so good, so healthy. I hadn't seen him look that good in a long time.

"We ate a lot of food. We drank the rhubarb lemonade."

Cory had organised the dinner because he was planning on getting more involved with Project Limelight Society, a free theatre programme for kids who are driven to perform.

Maureen, who is the co-founder of Project Limelight Society, added: "I told him, 'I remember everything we talked about when we first talked about this project. Now it's happening.' His face just lit up. He was in great spirits."

Two days later the star - who played Finn Hudson in the musical drama 'Glee' - was discovered dead by hotel staff after he failed to check out at the designated time. While there are no implications of foul play, the cause of death has been yet to be confirmed.

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