Courteney Cox doesn't think she'd have been able to play Phoebe Buffay.

Courteney Cox played Monica Geller in the sitcom

Courteney Cox played Monica Geller in the sitcom

The former 'Friends' star played Monica Geller in the classic sitcom, and while she was asked to audition for the role of Rachel Green - which went to Jennifer Aniston - she didn't feel like the other characters resonated, including Lisa Kudrow's alter ego.

She told Parade magazine: "It would have been challenging to play Rachel — and I don’t think I could play Phoebe.”

Instead, she found herself relating much more to Monica, although she didn't identify with every aspect of the character.

She added: "I'm not competitive like Monica, but I definitely am someone that people tell their problems to."

The 57-year-old actress - who reunited with Jennifer, Lisa, and their co-stars Matthew Perry, Matt LeBlanc and David Schwimmer for a special programme last year - is still so proud and grateful to have been part of something with such longevity and impact.

She said: "I still, all the time, get asked to do videos for someone who’s going through a hard time, whether it’s literally on their last leg of their own life or they just lost someone.

"I’m so thankful I was part of a show that really can lift people’s spirits and get them through hard times.”

Meanwhile, 'Sex and the City' star Kristin Davis recently revealed she auditioned for the role of Monica, but missed out.

She said: "I think I was one of, like, 8,000 young ladies who read for Monica and Courteney Cox got her."

Kristin and Courteney were actually "in the same yoga class at the time" and they used to socialise together too, while she can still remember Courteney's reaction to landing the role of Monica.

She revealed: "One day, Courteney was like, 'Hey, guys. Do you want to come car shopping with me?' We were like, 'Wow, car shopping!'

"[Courteney] said, 'I did this pilot, I’m feeling really good about it. I think I’m going to buy a Porsche.'

"We were like, 'Wow, is she for real?' It was 'Friends', and it did go very well."