Daisy Lowe is reportedly dating artist John Leigh.

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

The 28-year-old model is believed to have struck up a relationship with the creative soul over the summer after meeting through mutual friends, and sources say she has already introduced him to her mother Pearl Lowe and step-dad Danny Goffey.

A source told The Sun newspaper: "It has been a while since Daisy had a serious boyfriend and she has grown really close to John.

"They have been secretly dating for months and really enjoy each other's company.

"He really has no interest in being famous or anything, and although he has fallen for Daisy, he doesn't want his relationship to affect his work.

"She has proved a real source of inspiration though and he has been taking lots of photos of her since they got together."

According to the publication, John - who works under the name of Karborn - is 32, and describes himself as "a prototype artist, film-maker and designer working with traditional and new, often entirely self-invented and experimental processes."

Last year, Daisy split from her then-boyfriend Frankie Wade, after she claimed she was too busy with her training for celebrity dance competition 'Strictly Come Dancing', but now that her schedule has cleared, it seems she's back on the dating scene once again.

She said at the time: At the beginning, which is supposed to be the most joyful ­honeymoon period, I had nothing to give him. We could have coped with the pressure if we had been together for ages and had known all of the ins and outs of each other.

"But we had just met and suddenly it was like, 'Who is this really tired person?' I didn't really know who this really tired person was either. I'm never usually this exhausted every single day. Frankie deserves more than that and so do I. I deserve to take care of myself. Now when I get home, I have a bath and take myself to bed."