Daisy Lowe was "chased" by a young child earlier this week.

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

The 28-year-old model is surprised she has become more widely recognised since appearing on series 14 of 'Strictly Come Dancing' last year, even if it means she has to endure being followed down the road by fans.

Speaking in a podcast with Glamour magazine titled 'Glamour Presents: Hey It's OK', the brunette beauty said: "It is different. I got chased down the road by a seven-year-old yesterday, who was adorable. And she said 'I cried when you were eliminated.'"

And the star has also noticed she has been the subject of "lots more whispers" whilst she has been travelling around London and gracing public transport, which she has claimed has never happened to her before.

She explained: "But yeah 100 per cent, I took the Tube in today and there's lots more whispers that happen around me now, that definitely didn't happen before."

The fashion icon has recently finished taking part in the BBC One programme's tour, and she has revealed her, her fellow competitors and the professional dancers enjoyed a boozy road trip whilst travelling around the UK and putting on energetic performances, and she is currently recovering from over indulging in tequila.

The London-born star - who is the daughter of Pearl Lowe and 'The Voice UK' judge Gavin Rossdale - explained: "The most fun was always on a Friday night and a Saturday night because everyone just gets really p**sed.

"I mean, I thought that I had experienced the lot being in the fashion industry and hanging out with musicians and actors, it's nothing compared to dancers, but as Lesley Joseph says, 'What happens on tour stays on tour'.

"My blood type now is only just coming back from Tequila positive."