Daisy Lowe feels "really happy to be part of Extinction Rebellion and helping with climate change".

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

The 30-year-old model is proud of her links to the global environmental movement, which uses non-violent means to instigate change - but Daisy has confessed to being slightly hypocritical in some aspects of her life.

Speaking on Mel B's new celebrity podcast 'The Truth Hurts' - an eight-part series, created by the dating app Badoo, which discusses modern dating and aims to break down taboos - Daisy revealed: "I'm really happy to be part of non-violent civil disobedience to and helping with climate change and being a lot more conscious on the planet.

"But look, I still love water from a bottle, I use a filter but when I am out and I'm thirsty I'm going to buy a plastic bottle and I hate that, but I am trying.

"Ultimately on my social media I post about climate change and I'm sure people don't like it, but I'd rather represent that."

The brunette beauty showed her support for Extinction Rebellion when she and a group of friends - including actress Jaime Winstone, singer Eliza Doolittle, and TV producer Emily Ann Sonnet - joined the protests around London in October.

However, Daisy was later criticised for her participation after pictures emerged of her flying on private jets and promoting non-environmentally friendly products.

Meanwhile, Daisy also told Mel that the protest group could even stop Britain's exit from the European Union, with Extinction Rebellion managing to block numerous roads in central London.

She explained: "The head of the Extinction Rebellion, Tamsin (Osmond), was saying that, 'Well, yeah, we're marching outside the Houses of Parliament so we might stop Brexit because the politicians won't be able to get into work.'

"Yes! Let's support the Rebellion and stop this from happening!"