Daisy Lowe admits she had a "really rocky start" getting to know her father Gavin Rossdale.

Daisy Lowe has opened up on their bond

Daisy Lowe has opened up on their bond

The 33-year-old model - whose mother is Pearl Lowe - was 15 was she found out Bronner Handwerger wasn't her father following a paternity test which revealed her godfather Gavin was actually her biological dad.

While they have a good relationship now, Daisy has opened up about the "intense" adjustment.

Appearing on the 'That Gaby Roslin Podcast', she said: "It was intense. There is no handbook for finding out that your goddaughter is really your daughter or that your godfather is your father.

"I think we dealt with it the best that we could. It meant that we did have a really rocky start, but we figured it out and I'm really grateful that we kind of figured it out as and when we did."

The model admitted it made "perfect sense" once she found out Gavin was her dad because of the "mannerisms" they share.

She added: "The funny thing was, the moment that I found out that he could be my dad, I was like, 'Oh this makes perfect sense'.

"We think in the same way and we have so many quite frightening similarities. And the guy who I thought was my dad, I didn't really know, and when I met him I came home and I said to my mum, 'I feel no connection with this man.'

"But I didn't question it, because as a teenager I wasn't like, 'So mum, is there anyone else that might be my dad?' That's just not something that comes into anyone's head, ever."

Meanwhile, Daisy is close to Gavin and his sons - Kingston, 15, Zuma, 13, and eight-year-old Apollo - from his marriage to ex-wife Gwen Stefani, and she makes sure to FaceTime her three half-brothers "at least once a week".

She said: "I love them all so dearly. I FaceTime with my brothers over in LA at least once a week. Kingston is the same age as [her sister] Betty actually.

"Zuma and Apollo are a bit younger, a bit less into FaceTime understandably. Whenever I go to LA I always have the best time with those boys. They're such brilliant kids."