Daisy Lowe likes to wear risque outfits over Christmas.

Daisy Lowe

Daisy Lowe

The 30-year-old model has admitted her festive fashion choices could get her on Santa's naughty list when she's out on the town enjoying a boozy night out with her designer friend Alexa Chung.

Speaking to the Daily Mail newspaper's column, she said: "There is usually a theme. One year, Alexa said she wanted me to wear a red latex dress, so I said, 'OK'.

"Another year the theme was 50s prom. You end up getting so drunk and dancing all night."

While Daisy enjoys the racy ensembles, she revealed there are some costumes she does regret, including a small red leotard she wore while singing 'Santa Baby'.

Meanwhile, her mother Pearl Lowe, 49, previously said she has got used to the idea of her daughter - and her friends - stealing her clothes, but she finds it flattering that the brunette beauty "appreciates" her sense of style.

She explained: "There's a lot of borrowing that goes on between us. Usually Daisy taking things from my wardrobe.

"It used to drive me mad, but I've just accepted that when my new pair of Vivienne Westwood boots go missing they will be somewhere in the world on Daisy's feet.

"I walked into a party once and saw her friend wearing the Miu Miu dress that I'd been searching for for months. But actually, it's nice that your daughter appreciates your style."

And the former 'Strictly Come Dancing' contestant admitted her own home looks very much like her famous mum's.

Speaking about Pearl's interiors book, 'Faded Glamour', she said: "All the photos are from her house in Somerset, but if you came to my house, you'd see exactly the same sort of look [vintage boho]. I can't help it, I grew up with it, I love it, it makes me feel comforted."