Daisy Lowe is "standing with" women who have suffered "weight struggles and mental health challenges".

Daisy Lowe via Instagram (c)

Daisy Lowe via Instagram (c)

The 29-year-old model has been named at the first UK ambassador for dating app Bumble - which only allows females to make the first move in talking to a potential lover - and has shared a message on social media promoting the app, by praising the "safe space" it creates for women.

In a series of pictures on the social media site, Daisy wrote: "To every woman who has ever felt not good enough,

"You are. You've always been. You always will be.

"Today I'm announcing my partnership with Bumble as their UK ambassador, something I feel great pride in sharing. Their values - relationships rooted in kindness, equality, and empowerment - are my values; in this year-long ambassador role, I'll work with them to encourage respect in dating and networking.

"As a woman who has gone through various ups and downs, I stand with you. I've been through it. The weight struggles, the mental health challenges, the broken heart - I get it. I wanted to use this opportunity to tell anyone who needs it that you're going to be just fine. These are the experiences that shape us, that make up the tapestry of who we are, that teach us, that help us develop into the best versions of ourselves. They build our resilience in ways we never thought possible.

"Bumble's mission is to provide a safe place for women to feel empowered, supported, and respected. I've felt the opposite of all of those things, and I'm committed (and genuinely honoured) to be working with them to help create an environment where equality is a given. I'm thrilled to be working alongside Bumble as they spread their message of mutual respect across the U.K.

"I can't wait for this journey with @bumble_uk -- and I'm even more excited to bring you all with me. Watch this space for what's coming.

"With love,

"Daisy (sic)"

The pictures - which also included one snap of a beaming Daisy wearing a Bumble sweater - were accompanied by a caption which explained her reason for sharing the "personal letter".

She captioned the snaps: "Today I'm announcing that I'm joining the Bumble family as an ambassador - this is a really special partnership for me & so I wanted to announce it through a personal letter below- Swipe right to see more. Join Bumble or follow @bumble_uk to find out more about what's coming up! xo #ad (sic)"

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