Dame Joan Collins thinks her husband is "such an amazing man."

Dame Joan Collins

Dame Joan Collins

The 84-year-old actress has been married five times throughout her life but she believes her marriage with her current spouse Percy Gibson - who she wed in 2002 - works because they enjoy each other's company and appreciate each other.

Speaking to HELLO! magazine, she said: "You won't always agree about everything, but you need to enjoy each other's company.

"Percy is such an amazing man, he is so kind and so caring. People get married on the crest of lust. Once that's gone, they look and think: 'What the hell? Who is this person?' There has to be something to fall back on. If there isn't, they start looking."

Although Joan is 33 years older than Percy, she recently admitted that she is in much better shape than he is and she is always telling him to exercise more.

She said recently: "I tell my husband, who's 51 - I think, I never remember! - that he's got to exercise more. Because I exercise more than he does.

"People need to take better care in their youth and middle age so that they don't fall apart when they turn 65 or 70."

And Joan revealed she doesn't feel any different than she did 40 years ago and is thrilled to still be working in her 80s.

She said: "I don't feel any different physically to when I was 45. Taking care of your appearance is very important. Other than that I managed to raise three children - none of whom became drug addicts or committed suicide or became alcoholics, which is what a lot of children of famous people do - I'm most proud of the fact that I'm almost the longest-working actress in film."