Daniel Craig has struggled to come to terms with being famous.

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

The British actor is recognised all over the world due to him playing James Bond but he admits having that level of celebrity "takes a long time to get your head around" and can be "disturbing".

In an interview with The I newspaper, Daniel said: "It takes a long time to get your head around. Becoming famous is disturbing, a shock to the system, and learning to remember why you do the job can take ... well, it's taken me 20 years."

However, Daniel - who is married to 'The Favourite' actress Rachel Weisz - is now happier now that any point during his career.

He said: "But hand on heart, I can say I love my job more now than I've ever done."

Daniel plays a detective in murder mystery film 'Knives Out' and to prepare for his role as Detective Benoit Blanc he got inspiration from iconic sleuths such as Columbo and Miss Marple.

He said: "I stole everything. You name it, I nicked it. I watched 'Columbo' religiously, so I stole from him, and I stole from Miss Marple and Kojak. I loved them all. I remember my sister and I going to see both Albert Finney and Peter Ustinov as Hercule Poirot, it was just so entertaining."

He also saw the influence of these characters in director Rian Johnson's script.

Daniel said: "When I read Rian's script, I recognised the influences immediately. He wasn't trying to hide it."

The film features a running gag in which the nationality of Ana de Armas' character Marta Cabrera is frequently mistaken, but Daniel believes people should not be afraid of near-the-knuckle humour.

He said: "I don't think movies should shy away from anything. We don't want to labour the politics in this movie. Just go and enjoy it and I think, by osmosis, you will be affected by the politics."