Daniel O'Donnell's family have rubbished rumours that his sister is actually his mother.

Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell

The 53-year-old singer - who's currently partnering Kristina Rihanoff on 'Strictly Come Dancing' - has been subjected to a smear campaign that his family believe is designed to tarnish his impeccable image.

Margo - Daniel's 64-year-old sister, who's rumoured to be his mother - said: "I first heard it after a concert when a fan said to me, 'Your son isn't as good a singer as you.'

"I felt so sad for my mother over it wondering about how it made her feel with people saying these things."

Daniel's mother Julia passed away in May 2014 and shortly before her death, Margo promised to deal with the smear campaign once and for all.

She told The Sun newspaper: "I said to my mother before she died last year that I was going to address it - and she told me I should."

Margo has previously tackled the rumours in a tell-all book 'Margo Queen Of Country & Irish: The Promise And The Dream', writing: "Rumours about being pregnant or having children were to continue throughout my life, including that I was Daniel's mother rather than his older sister.

"This despite the fact that there are only ten years' difference between us in age, so it would have been classed as something of a miracle if I were his mother."

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