Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan

Daniel Radcliffe and Dane DeHaan

Daniel Radcliffe is struggling to understand the shock surrounding his gay sex scenes.

The 'Kill Your Darlings' actor shares some intimate moments with his co-star Dane DeHaan and insisted it's not a "big deal" when all you can see is his bottom.

He told The Sun newspaper: "I f**ked a horse on stage when I was 17 but gay sex is more of a big deal!

"One of the reviews I saw very early on called the sex scene 'graphic'. There's nothing graphic about it. I mean, you see a bit of bum."

The 'Harry Potter' star suggested maybe people still find "sex with a man" surprising on the big screen, and he knows his past in the wizarding saga will give them preconceptions going into the movie.

He added: "It is just the fact that it's sex, and it's sex with a man, I guess. It's amazing how shockable the world still is. And it's Harry Potter."

Daniel, 24, has recently explained his decision to take on the role despite his early success, and noted people's reactions to the "beautiful" sex scenes may be unwarranted.

He previously said: "I felt like I was breaking new ground. Most actors grow up doing a lot of small movies and then get something big, but I started on the biggest film in the world.

"So it's an experience that I haven't had. I'm sure some people will be slightly ... err ... startled by the gay sex scene though ... It's actually not graphic. You don't actually see anything.

"What's graphic is the emotion of the scene. It's a very vulnerable, slightly afraid moment. It's beautiful and tender as a consequence of that."

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