Danielle Lloyd has bought her wedding dress.

Danielle Lloyd in OK!

Danielle Lloyd in OK!

The 34-year-old beauty - who has Archie, seven, Harry, six, and George, four, from her marriage to Jamie O'Hara, and nine-month-old Ronnie with fiance Michael O'Neill - is planning to tie the knot overseas and she thinks she's found the perfect gown for their beach ceremony.

She said: "I'm so excited because I've found the dress now! I wanted something really plain and simple as it will be a beach wedding, with just a little bit of glitz and sparkle."

The former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star confirmed she and Michael have finally set a date for their intimate nuptials but they want to keep as much to themselves as possible in order to avoid a "circus".

She said: "We know we want to go abroad but it's quite hard to deal with people over email.

"We have a date but we want to try and keep everything to ourselves. We don't want it to turn into a circus.

"[There will be] just my family, Michael's family and the kids. It's going to be really small and private."

And Danielle and Michael are both working hard to get in shape for the big day.

She said: "I've been working out about three times a week. I try and get to the gym as soon as I drop the children at school because if you get it out of the way, it's much better.

"Michael goes twice a day, he's obsessed. We do workouts together, which is nice."

The couple recently went on holiday without the children and Danielle thinks it's "important" they get that quality time together.

She told OK! magazine: "It's so important. We needed that time, especially after having Ronnie.

"I was like, forget the nights out, we need some rest!

"I did get a bit drunk one day but you've got to enjoy yourself because you can't do that stuff at home.

"People are like, 'Oh god, she's always away having fun'. Yeah, I've got four kids, I'm entitled to a break."

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