Danniella Westbrook worries she'll die during her face reconstruction surgery.

Danniella Westbrook

Danniella Westbrook

The former 'EastEnders' actress will have five surgeries at Aintree Hospital in Liverpool to help rebuild her face after her bones began to "rot away" due to her osteoporosis and previous cocaine abuse, but she admits she is genuinely worried she might pass away whilst on the operating table and so is focused on making sure she's in the best shape.

She said: "When I was younger I used to love plastic surgery. I had my boobs done six times and thought I was invincible. But now every time I go under anaesthetic I'm praying 'please let me wake up'. When you get older you see the risks for what they are. I know I'm in good hands so I want to be in the best shape I can be before I go in."

Danniella insists her operations are not to do with vanity, but more about her health.

She added: "I've never really been one for vanity to be honest, you are talking to the Queen of chavs here. I've always worked and been in a make-up chair, but I'm not the best with that ... I've spent the last seven years trying to get someone to fix my face. They kept refusing or wanting to charge me £500,000. Before Christmas I couldn't breathe because I had a cold.

"There was a build up of fluid and after I fell asleep I couldn't wake up properly and ended up in ICU. That's why I'm doing this. I need this surgery to survive. It's not for vanity, this is about my health. It harbours my lifestyle on a day to day basis."

Her primary priority is her health and her children ahead of the operation and into the future.

She told The Sun: "All I'm focused on, first and foremost, is my children and my health."