Danny Jones has said Lindsay Lohan "ignored" McFly on the set of 'Just My Luck'.

Danny Jones

Danny Jones

The 31-year-old musician appeared in the 2006 romance movie as part of the 'Love Is On The Radio' hitmakers - also comprised of Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter, and Harry Judd - and has said that whilst it was a "cool experience", lead actress Lindsay paid no attention to the pop group.

He said: "We felt like we knew Lindsay Lohan, we were hanging out, but then the next day she ignored us ... It was a cool experience playing ourselves in the movie 'Just My Luck'."

And the 'Five Colours In Her Hair' singer also admitted that whilst the group had "the time of their lives" on set for the feature, there was "a lot of s**t" going on behind the scenes.

He added: "It was around the last time I talked to my dad after he walked out on my family, and Harry was having anxiety issues and needed us. So even though we were all having the time of our lives, there was a lot of s**t around. Highs and lows, we all bloody have them don't we?"

But Lindsay isn't the only famous face Danny remembers meeting, as he also gushed about a time when McBusted - which was comprised of the members of McFly plus Matt Willis and James Bourne from Busted - toured in "loads of countries" with One Direction.

He told Notebook magazine: "One Direction were shooting up he mountain of fame and they smashed it. McBusted toured with them in loads of countries and their fans loved that we were six silly guys running around before they went on stage. I miss the McBusted boys but it's quite nice having no one to butt in when you're talking. Matt and James are one-offs, special guys. We had loads of fun."