David Harewood says there is "no shame" in talking about your struggle with mental health.

David Harewood (c) Twitter

David Harewood (c) Twitter

The 51-year-old actor was sectioned 30 years ago after he suffered a "nervous breakdown" and to mark World Mental Health Day on Tuesday (10.10.17) the 'Supergirl' star logged onto social media to encourage other people battling with mental illnesses to speak out about their inner battles and not feel embarrassed about opening up.

The 'The Night Manager' star posted on Twitter: "So... it's #WorldMentalHealthDay today. As someone who had a breakdown and was sectioned in my 20s I'm here to tell you that there's no shame in talking about it if your struggling. I haven't done too bad since! Go easy on yourself today, and get some help if you can. X (sic)."

David - who has two daughters with his wife Kirsty Handy - also revealed he found "comfort" in hearing William Shakespeare quotes, which a fellow patient quoted, when he was he recovering on a hospital ward.

He tweeted: "I had some extraordinary experiences during my nervous breakdown, one time whilst I was on a locked ward a man was brought in who was quoting Shakespeare! I remember thinking ... 'I recognize that!' ... and it brought me some comfort. #WorldMentalHealthDay (sic)."

David's string of posts prompted numerous likes and re-tweets from his followers and he told his fans that he believes his struggles helped become a successful actor.

He concluded: "Jumping on a plane folks. Heading back to work. Thank you for all your responses and kind words. Best of luck to you if you're going through a tough time. Stay strong! My struggles have led to success, so find your path and keep your head up! X (sic)"