Dawn French has stopped shaving her armpit hair.

Dawn French

Dawn French

The comedian admits that since she reached the age of 63 her unwanted body hair has stopped growing so thickly so now she has put down the razor and let her few tufts grow.

Appearing on 'The Guilty Feminist' podcast, she said: “When I was younger I did some shaving and then I realised I mustn’t do that, then I did Veet and then I did waxing.

“When you get 63, here’s something really good about getting older and there’s not much let me tell you, one good thing is that your hair just doesn’t grow so much, suddenly you realise you’ve gone a couple of years and not really had to do it because it’s not really there anymore.”

Dawn wishes she still had thick armpit hair because now she would let it grow freely after being inspired by 'The Crown' actress Emma Corrin who recently did a photoshoot for Glamour in which she showed off her unkempt underarm hair.

She added: “I did remove all underarm hair but now I’m having massive regret about that.

“Now, that wonderful young woman, she plays Princess Di in The Crown, she did a front cover shoot and there was this gorgeous little tuft of hair and it looked so sexy.

"And I thought, ‘Yeah, we’re enjoying a bit of underarm hair,’ But that’s just when I haven’t got any left.

"I spent my whole life getting rid of it and now I could have it with great pride. Why did we ever do it? I’m really sorry that I ever did do it.”

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