Deborra-Lee Furness thinks every single person has "experienced childhood trauma" to some degree.

Deborra-Lee Furness wants greater awareness of trauma

Deborra-Lee Furness wants greater awareness of trauma

The 65-year-old star - who is married to 'The Greatest Showman' actor Hugh Jackman - is a big supporter of the Adopt Change charity, which explains its mission as making sure every child has "a safe, nurturing and stable family upbringing".

Reflecting on Yesvember - the organisation's annual campaign to raise awareness in November - Deborra-Lee told 'JAM Nation with Jonesy & Amanda': "We wanna shift the needle and make sure that these kids are looked after.

"One of our biggest things - which I'm very passionate about at the moment - is the trauma, to have a trauma-based care so that our educators and carers understand.

"There is no child that is separated from their family that does not experience trauma. And frankly, all of us have experienced childhood trauma, it's just varying degrees.

"So, I want teachers to be aware so they can flag it when they see kids - so many times, these kids are just accused of bad behaviours. They're hurting! You only get bad behaviour when you're hurting or you haven't got anywhere to go."

Australian charity Adopt Change - which advises federal and state government across the country on policy - uses Yesvember to encourage communities to get involved.

She addded: "Yesvember is about raising awareness, to have the community involved, to say, 'We still have 46,000 kids in out of home care that we need to find permanent, loving families for.' "

As well as children in adoption, the charity also supporters victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Deborra-Lee is leading the charge for Adopt Change's dance challenge this month, and she's been working hard to nail the routine to help others take part.

She said: "Well, I love it. They've made a little choreographed number we all had to learn, so I spent my Saturday afternoon practicing my moves, and there you have it!"