Demi Lovato's new romance has received Sam Smith's seal of approval.

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

The 27-year-old pop star is dating actor Max Ehrich, and Demi has revealed that her showbiz pal is already a fan of her new boyfriend.

Appearing on 'Capital Breakfast with Roman Kemp', the radio host asked: "Demi, you were saying about, you and Sam becoming good friends and I hear that they met your boyfriend and gave him the seal of approval, is that right?"

The singer - who collaborates with Sam on the track 'I'm Ready' - confirmed she'd introduced Sam to her boyfriend, saying she wouldn't introduced "just anybody" to the pop star.

She said: "You know, anybody who meets Sam, would be someone that would be very important to me, I wouldn't just, like, introduce just anybody to Sam."

But Demi - who has previously dated the likes of musician Joe Jonas and actor Wilmer Valderrama - has learned to be more coy when it comes to discussing her relationships.

She explained: "I kind of learned my lesson a little bit with talking about relationships. I would love to gush and explain more, but I just think it's best to keep things to myself."

Meanwhile, Demi also revealed what she's been doing to pass the time during lockdown, revealing she's developed a passion for playing Uno online.

The brunette beauty admitted she's been using the moniker of Rosemary to protect her identity.

Speaking about her new hobby, she explained: "I play Uno with random people online.

"I'm under the name Rosemary or something.

"Which I don't know why, it just gave me that name, so I was like sure I'll take it, whatever.

"So now I play with random people on the internet all the time and I'm pretty good."