Derek Hough loves his new "brother", Brooks Laich.

Derek Hough

Derek Hough

The 'Nashville' star's sister Julianne Hough married the hockey player in July and not only are they enjoying their new life together, the dancer's family are overjoyed to have the 33-year-old sportsman in their lives too.

Derek gushed of his sister: "She's amazing, she's happy and incredible. I love him so much, he's an amazing guy to have as a brother."

But the 32-year-old dancer-and-actor isn't expecting to become an uncle any time soon.

Asked if Julianne and Brooks are ready to start a family, he told Us Weekly magazine: "Oh I don't know! You'll have to ask them. I don't think so!"

Meanwhile, the former 'Dancing With the Stars' professional is looking forward to embarking on a special "adventure" with his dad.

Discussing his holiday plans, he said: "I'm actually going on an adventure, I'm going to Israel, The Red Sea, and Petra.

"My dad and I have been starting these adventures together, like father-son adventures. Long story, but we just decided to do these things we've talking about for so many years. We're like, 'Hey let's stop talking about it and let's make it happen.'"

Derek previously praised his brother-in-law for helping his sister reach the "best version" of herself.

He said: "[Brooks] is just a great guy. I said to him, 'I've known Julianne my entire life. I've seen every phase she's gone through.'

"I've seen all the different versions of herself trying to figure out who she is and by far this is the best version of her and it's because of him. He's definitely brought it of her. I'm so happy for them."

Derek was a groomsman at the couple's wedding ceremony at Lake Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, and insists his sibling's big day couldn't have gone any better.

He said: "I could write a novel about that week. Every moment of every day was planned to perfection. It was effortless. I was transported to another time.

"They were very relaxed and didn't seem nervous at all. As they pulled up to the ceremony site, Julianne waved to all the guests. She was very confident and excited."

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