Dermot O'Leary was the "life and soul of the class" when he was at school.

Dermot OLeary and Dee Koppang

Dermot OLeary and Dee Koppang

The 43-year-old presenter didn't have "any discipline or concentration" when he was younger and was told he was the most entertaining personality in the class room but needed to be more focused.

Speaking to Balance magazine, the 'The X Factor' host - who is married to Dee Koppang - said: "I didn't have any discipline or concentration at school. They said 'fine for talking, life and soul of the class, attendance 100 per cent but could do with a little bit more focus'".

And Dermot has hinted he still has not changed even many years on, as producers on shows he has worked on agree with the comments his teachers made.

He explained "If you ask all my producers now they'd say exactly the same thing."

Meanwhile, Dermot has vowed not to appear on BBC One's 'Question Time', although he has been asked to, because he thinks it would make his career "more difficult", although he would "really enjoy" discussing his political views.

He explained: "For one night on 'Question Time', which I think I'd really enjoy, it would probably make the rest of my BBC career on radio more difficult."

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