Diana Ross doesn't like reality television.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross

The 74-year-old musical icon is featured in her son Evan's upcoming E! reality series 'Ashlee + Evan' alongside his wife Ashlee Simpson - with whom he has three-year-old daughter Jagger - but she probably won't be tuning in to watch the final product, as Evan has admitted his mother isn't a big fan of the genre herself.

Evan, 30, told The Sun on Sunday's Bizarre column: "I don't think she really watches any reality TV, but the way we shot everything was documentary style. But my mum is great at everything she does."

Although she might not watch the show, the 'I'm Coming Out' hitmaker had an active role in it as a member of the couple's family and a mentor to the pair in their musical journey.

And recently, 33-year-old Ashlee - who also has nine-year-old son Bronx with her ex-husband Pete Wentz - said she thinks the Motown legend is "brilliant".

She gushed: "I love [Diana]. She is a brilliant mother-in-law and a great grand-mommy. 'Omi' the kids call her.

"She is a great mother and has also had a great career. It's inspiring.

"When she is there, you can feel her energy, which takes you to new heights."

And Evan added: "My mom has always been really involved in all the stuff I do and she was supportive of me and Ashlee making an album. She always gives great advice.

"She tells us to trust our gut. She's also so great with melodies and storylines She loves the album and its message."

Meanwhile, 'Hunger Games' actor Evan admitted his mother's success is a lot to live up to but he hopes he makes her proud.

He said: "Growing up with a mother like that, you dream big!

"I think I'm making her proud and I try to keep doing the best I can."