Dina Lohan has split from Jesse Nadler again.

Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan

The 'Celebrity Big Brother' star previously split with Jesse - whom she has never met face to face - in April, but after reconciling a short time later, it seems their romance still isn't meant to be as he has confirmed the pair are no longer together.

Jesse blamed Dina's daughter Lindsay Lohan for the break-up, after she gave an interview on 'The Kyle & Jackie O Show' where she came off "dismissive and cold" when asked about her mother's relationship.

According to The Blast, Jesse was warned by Dina that the interview was "harsh", and after Jesse heard it for himself, he decided he could no longer pursue a romance with Dina because he never wanted to "come between her and her oldest daughter".

Jesse told the publication he'd made it clear to Dina from the beginning that if her children weren't "100 percent supportive" of the relationship he would walk away.

He said: "I could never cause static or friction between a mother and her child. I couldn't live with myself if I did."

The news comes just days after it was reported Jesse had won $20,000 on a scratchcard, which he wanted to use to buy diamond earrings for the showbiz matriarch.

When the couple split in April, Dina commented on their romance where she said she thought Jesse was "different" to the other men she had dated.

She said: "It's always sad when a friendship is over but people have always run to the media about me and my family - I thought he was different until I had my suspicions, which he just proved to be justified."

And Jesse has previously said he was determined to marry Dina even though they have never met because they can "talk about everything under the moon".

He said: "I am going to marry the girl; I know it's crazy because we haven't met. But we have amazing chemistry. We get on the phone and talk about everything under the moon. She's talked to my mother, my niece! ...

"I'm not a catfish and fake guy who steals photos, I didn't like the term 'catfish.' Anyone who cons people, who creates false personas and photos rubs me the wrong way and really upsets me."