Drew Barrymore turned to the 'Queer Eye' team to re-enter the dating world.

Drew Barrymore is ready to date again

Drew Barrymore is ready to date again

The 46-year-old actress - who has been single since splitting from ex-husband Will Kopelman in 2016 - had a Zoom date with 'Top Chef' star Sam Talbot as they were both "unable to fly", she got tips from the cast of the reality show.

Speaking about the date - which will air on 'The Drew Barrymore Show' this week - she told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It was so fun. I had Jonathan [Van Ness] holding up, like, silly questions and naughty signs making me giggle.

"I had Tan [France] saying, 'Hey, I notice something over there,' like, ask him about that.

"I had Antoni [Porowski] tell me, 'You are doing a good job and I had Bobby going, 'Hey, I see plants and dogs, see how he is a caretaker,' it was, like, every person. I do feel like I was on their show."

And it seems the boys did their job, as she and Sam have kept in touch and are already talking about the possibility of meeting in real life.

She added: "We have been texting. So, I mean, this just happened. We were bold enough to say, 'Should we meet in another forum?'

"And so, we're keeping communication alive, which is really exciting and that is perfectly enough for the moment, and I think we will figure out what our next step is."

Although Drew - who has daughters Olive and Frankie with ex Will - has felt "apprehensive" about online dating, she has started to accept the need to "figure out [her] side of the street", and accept that there's nothing "wrong" with her for not dating for so long.

She explained: "A lot of us out there who stay single for a really long time can start to get an inner dialogue of, 'Maybe there is something wrong with me,' rather than realizing it can be an empowered choice.

"And in my case, I really wanted to honor raising two daughters, and their dad is now happily remarried.

"It has been six years, I have a great sense of peace of what is happening on that side of the street."