Drew McIntyre wants to defend the WWE Championship against Tyson Fury at a major UK event.

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre

The 34-year-old superstar - who became the first Scottish or British world champion in the company's history when he defeated Brock Lesnar at 'WrestleMania 36' in April - is heavily pushing for a stadium show in the UK, and he suggested it could be the perfect moment for a dream match with the boxing icon.

Speaking to assembled media including BANG Showbiz, he said: "Right now, I'm concerned about our superstars getting the opportunity first. They're the ones that have worked the hardest for it, those are the ones that deserve it.

"They're gonna get it, this is a project down the line obviously. But maybe that's where the match with Fury happens, as a Battle of Britain.

"The big thing is, we want out fan base to be there but we also want to attract some eyes that maybe aren't on the WWE product."

Whether it takes place at a possible UK event or somewhere else entirely, McIntyre is excited at the prospect of working with Fury - who previously appeared at Crown Jewel last year in a winning match against Braun Strowman - and he's sure the boxer would be up for it too.

He added: "Absolutely. Tyson Fury is a smart guy, he understands the magnitude of WWE and the global reach... Tyson's an entertainer.

"He mentioned my name leading up to 'WrestleMania', I mentioned his name after I won at 'WrestleMania'. He latched right onto it, we got into a back and forth.

"He understands that Tyson Fury versus the WWE Champion Drew McIntyre could be a huge match."

Drew - who lives in Florida - hasn't been able to return to the UK since his victory last month due to the coronavirus pandemic, and he's already got plans for an open bus tour around the country when he's allowed back.

He teased: "Maybe I'm stopping by Tyson Fury's place on the way for a chat."

Drew McIntyre will defend the WWE Championship against Seth Rollins on Sunday (11.05.20) at 'Money In The Bank', available to UK fans on the WWE Network or via BT Sport Box Office.