Dua Lipa says social media made her break-up worse.

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa

The 23-year-old singer split from model Issac Carew in 2017 after two years of dating and while they recently rekindled their romance, Dua admitted their initial break-up was made even more difficult because of her fame and social media.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "For example, dealing with a break up is hard enough, but dealing with it in the public eye is probably even harder.

"But also when people have no idea what's going on and they message you and all you can think of is that they have no clue. But what can you do?"

Now Dua rarely uses social media and often deletes the apps from her phone entirely to give herself a break.

She said: "I really don't think I'll ever get used to people commenting on my private life, so I'm just taking it step by step.

"It's a lot of removing myself from social media and taking breaks from it here and there.

"That's been quite helpful. I'll delete the app for a few days, then download it again, then I'll delete it again."

While her personal life is better than ever, Dua also feels more confident in her professional life.

She said: "I feel like I've grown up a lot touring. Every night getting up on stage and learning more about myself.

"Learning how not to be afraid and just get up and dance - not to be shy."