Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has created "a healthy ecosystem" for the fish on his farm.

Dwayne Johnson (c) Instagram

Dwayne Johnson (c) Instagram

The wrestler-turned-actor relishes fishing in the pond on his Virginia property, and he's taken to Instagram to stress that he always does his best to take good care of the largemouth bass and the other types of fish in the water.

Alongside a video of Dwayne removing the bass from the pond, showing it off to the camera and then easing it back in the water, he wrote: "Raising fish and creating a healthy ecosystem for them brings me joy.

"Largemouth bass, stripped bass (hybrid) and a variety of others - they’re big, aggressive and hungry - like their owner

"Life is busy and noisy, so I love getting back to my Virginia farm - good for the soul. #manafarms



"(you’ll see I don’t like just tossin’ fish back in the water. Their system is already is shock and lactic acid has built up, so I ease em back in and help them get oxygen back in their lungs [thumbs-up emoji]) (sic)"

Dwayne - who is one of the world's best-paid movie stars - also spoke about his determination to take good care of the fish in the accompanying video.

Showing the largemouth bass to the camera, the 'Jungle Cruise' star explained: "A beautiful colour on her, as you can see ... As you guys know, I raise my bass here. They've got a pretty good appetite on them. [I'm] gonna put her back - say goodbye!

"She's got a nice old mouth on her - like her owner!"

Dwayne, 49, then gently put the fish back in the water, before turning to the camera once again.

The Hollywood star said: "She's back with her family now, she's happy."

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