Eddie Murphy is eager to return to stand-up comedy once the coronavirus pandemic eases.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy

The 59-year-old actor is widely considered to be one of the best stand-ups of all time, and Eddie has told Kevin Hart that he can't wait to return to touring, having released two stand-up specials - 'Delirious' and 'Raw' - back in the 1980s.

Kevin initially joked: "I don’t like talking to you about stand-up no more. I’m not falling for the f****** trap. I’m sick of you, I’m sick of your s*** … Every time we talk, he leaves me with a piece of information, and I feel like I got gold."

But the Hollywood star - who has focused on his acting career in recent decades - is determined to make his long-awaited return once the pandemic allows him to tour.

He said on 'Comedy Gold Minds with Kevin Hart': "My plan was to do 'Dolemite', 'Saturday Night Live', 'Coming 2 America' and then do stand-up. And then the pandemic hit, and it shut the whole s*** down.

"Then I was going – the whole time last year I would have been out working on my act trying to get my s*** right, and then the whole thing shut down. Hey, when the pandemic is over and it’s safe for everybody to go out and do it, then the plan is to do it."

Meanwhile, Eddie recently insisted he's "transcended" racism in the movie industry.

The actor has enjoyed an incredibly successful career in Hollywood and although he acknowledges that diversity remains an issue in the film business, it's never stopped him from starring in a movie.

He explained: "In terms of my work and my career, race has never been an issue.

"I’ve been making movies for 40 years and never once could I not get a movie made because I was black. I transcended that stuff.

"But that’s not to say I walked out of heaven and into Hollywood. I’m a black man who was born in America; I’m African-American.

"Growing up in this country, there’s no way you’re not going to have to face some s***."