Elizabeth Olsen "forgot" she auditioned for 'Game of Thrones' - because it was "that bad".

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen

The 30-year-old actress tried out for the role of Daenerys Targaryen, also known as Khaleesi - which eventually went to Emilia Clarke - before the HBO fantasy series, but she later put the "awkward" moment to the back of her mind because it was "horrible".

She said: "[I auditioned] for Khaleesi, but I also forgot that I auditioned for it.

"Someone had asked like about a terrible audition experience ... and I was like, 'I actually really love auditioning, I can't really think of anything. ... Oh, right! I auditioned for 'Game of Thrones'.' "

Elizabeth had to pretend to be Khaleesi, also known as the Mother of Dragons, when was being burned alive before making a "huge speech".

She said: "I was in the smallest room and I was reading with the casting director, they didn't even have a reader.

"That was the furthest I ever got. It was that bad. It was horrible.

"I was like, 'This is uncomfortable for me. I'm sure it's awkward for her [the casting director].' Like no one's gonna enjoy this experience."

When asked if she could've just said the job wasn't for her, she said: "I should have. I think I would now. 'You know what, I don't think I'm going to do this any justice. Hopefully call me back at a different time for something else.' "

But Elizabeth is a big fan of auditioning, and sometimes volunteers to try out for parts she has already been offered so she can "see the vibe with the director".

Speaking on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', she added: "I actually ask sometimes to audition, even if it's an offer, just to see the vibe with the director."