Emeli Sande wishes she had come out sooner.

Emeli Sande regrets not coming out sooner

Emeli Sande regrets not coming out sooner

The 35-year-old singer revealed in an interview last month that she is in a same-sex relationship with pianist Yoana Karemova and feels as if a weight has come off her shoulders since she revealed her sexuality.

Speaking at a National Student Pride event, Emeli said: "I wish I would maybe have done this sooner.

"Even in the interview, as soon as I said 'I'm in love with Yoana', he was like 'So what does that make you?' and I hadn't really thought about it, I was just enjoying being in love.

"I just feel that I can fall in love with anybody at any time, and right now I'm in love with Yoana and that's it for life."

Emeli - who was previously married to the marine biologist Adam Gouraguine - continued: "It's all new as in like being out and being proud, that's new to me, but I've always felt that I never have rules of who I fall in love with and I've always felt so much support from the community.

"So it's not something that feels like my life has changed that much. It's just who knows about it and being open, that's the main part."

Emeli previously revealed that she was "happier than ever" after confirming that she was in a relationship with Yoana.

The 'Next to Me' singer said: "We met through music. And I definitely feel happier than ever. It feels great.

"For me, true love and having love in your life makes everything fit into place."

When asked if this means she is bisexual, Emeli replied: "I’m not sure what I identify as but I guess so. I just feel like I should fall in love with whoever I fall in love with."

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