Peter Andre's wife Emily spends 20 minutes "disinfecting" herself before she can spend time with her children.

Emily and Peter Andre

Emily and Peter Andre

The GP is currently on the frontline fighting the coronavirus pandemic and her husband Peter, with whom she has Theodore, three, and Amelia, six, has revealed she spends nearly half an hour getting cleaned up before she goes anywhere near her kids.

He said: "She's got to disinfect herself for 20 minutes. She'll come home, I don't tell the kids she's home. She comes in, she takes off all of her clothes - it sounds great, but what happens is she has to put them in the washing machine, wrap a towel round her, have a shower, completely disinfect herself.

"Every time I say to her, 'What's it like?' - and this is why I respect her so much - all she ever talks about is people doing more."

And Peter praised Emily and all of her family, who are mostly doctors on the frontline amidst the health crisis.

Speaking as he made an appearance on ITV's Loose Women, he added: "Her Dad and Mum, they're all on the frontline. She's a good person - she doesn't say a lot about what's going on but I know she's heavily exposed to what's going on. This is why I have so much respect for her, six out of eight of her family are doctors. She's a good person she doesn't say a lot about what's going on but she's dealing with a lot. She leaves here at 7.15am and she's back at 7pm at night, it's not every day but the days she's there, it's pretty full on and sometimes she doesn't see the kids at all."

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