Emily Ratajkowski finds it “weird” reading user reviews of her book.

Emily Ratajkowski released a book last year

Emily Ratajkowski released a book last year

The 30-year-old beauty recently released ‘My Body’ and she admitted it’s a bizarre experience going online to see fans’ takes on her early life and relationships.

She said: “I’m sharing these really personal things and it’s definitely weird to look at the Amazon reviews and watch people dissect my early relationships, my relationship with my parents and who I am as a person.”

And the ‘I Feel Pretty’ star admitted she was “nervous” about bringing her thoughts into the world because she worried it would “ruin writing” for her.

“I was nervous about the publishing part because I had such an amazing private experience of writing, an experience that felt so safe and sacred that, after putting it out into the world, I was like, ‘Is this going to ruin writing for me forever?’

“Because I’ll never be able to have that experience of just writing for myself again.

“But at this exact moment, I actually feel really great about the perspective I’ve gained now that it’s out.”

Emily is particularly proud of the response to her book – in which she discusses being subjected to incidences of sexual misconduct – from other women.

She said in a recent interview: “I obviously am aware of what I represent in the world.

“But I wanted women to realise how universal the experience of being a woman could be. And I’m seeing that happen, people saying, ‘This little thing she mentions is exactly what I experienced at this age.’ “

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