Emma Roberts stopped to help a man involved in a road accident on Sunday (11.10.20).

Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts

The ‘American Horror Story’ actress and her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund - who are currently expecting their first child together - were driving in Los Angeles over the weekend when a car in front of them hit a motorcyclist, who fell from his bike.

The couple were then pictured rushing out of their own car to help the bike rider.

An eyewitness to the event told E! News: “The couple were driving behind a Prius in LA today when the Prius made a left turn and hit the motorcycle driver who allegedly had the right of way.

“Emma was driving her car behind the Prius with Garrett in the passenger seat and the couple immediately stopped and came to the aid of the driver.”

The good deed comes after Emma recently held her baby shower for close family and friends to attend, and said she felt "grateful" to have celebrated the event despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

She wrote on social media: "So grateful to my family and pod for making my pregnancy feel so celebrated during such wild times. I love you guys @cadehudson22 @kakeykake @britelkin and thank you to @toryburch & @ericbuterbaugh for the magical garden ... #toryburchhome (sic)"

And Emma was reportedly "very excited" about being able to celebrate the impending arrival with her nearest and dearest.

A source close to the couple said: "Emma's baby shower was a garden celebration so everyone could social distance. Emma wore a dress that showed off her cute baby bump and a matching mask. She was very excited. She received many wrapped gifts for their baby boy ... Garrett can't wait for his baby boy to arrive. He loves that he has something so incredibly exciting to look forward to," says the source. "Emma is doing well. She is getting the nursery ready. She enjoyed celebrating with friends at her baby shower. She and Garrett are both very grateful for all the love."