Ruby Rose has insisted she wouldn’t return to ‘Batwoman’ “for any amount of money” because it was such a toxic place to work.

Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose

The 35-year-old actress has declared “enough is enough” when it comes to questions about her abrupt exist and she’s hit out at showrunner Caroline Dries, former Warner Bros. Television Group Chairman Peter Roth, and Berlanti Productions’ Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter, in a string of explosive allegations involving sexual misconduct, bullying and blackmail.

She wrote on her Instagram Story: “Enough is enough. I’m going to tell the whole world what really happened on that set.

“Peter Roth, you are first up. You are chapter one. not sure if you left after getting promoted to the highest position because you couldn’t stop making young women steam your pants, around your crotch while you were still wearing said pants or if you left after putting a private investigator on me who you fired as soon as the report didn’t fit your narrative. either way, when it comes to you, there’s already an army waiting for u.”

She then shared some images of the neck injury which she suffered on set and ultimately required surgery for, and claimed she was ordered back to work after just 10 days.

She wrote: “To everyone who said I was too stiff on batwoman, imagine going back to work 10 days after this … 10 DAYS!!!!!! (or the whole crew and cast would be fired and I’d let everyone down because Peter Roth said he wouldn’t recast and i just lost the studio millions (by getting injured on his set) that is be the one who cost so many people their jobs.

“Imagine having to take a pay cut to play a passion project and being so excited about Comic-Con and then being told they would not adjust the schedule so I could attend… but then saying ‘we won’t announce it, you have to.’”

“So in closing, please to my dear, dear fans stop asking if I will return to that awful show, I wouldn’t return for any amount of money nor if a gun were to my head.. (sic)”

And Ruby was quick to stress she was forced out of the show.

She added: “NOR DID I QUIT. I DO NOT QUIT, They ruined Kate Kane and they destroyed batwoman, not me. I followed orders, and if I wanted to stay i was going to have to sign my rights away. (sic)”

The Australian star accused Caroline of having “no heart” and detailed a shocking series of on-set injuries.

She continued: “A crew member got 3rd degree burns over his whole body, and we were given no therapy after witnessing his skin fall off his face but I was the only one who sent him flowers and cards and then were told we had to do a sex scene without a minute to process, we lost 2 stunt doubles, i got cut in the face so close to my eye in a stunt I could have been blind.

“a woman was left quadriplegic and they tried to blame it on her being on her phone, so much so CW didn’t even help her to start with because they needed to ‘investigate’ so she had to do a go fund me… she’s a PA, they work via phones. Her accident occurred because our show refused to shut down when everyone else did because of Covid.

“[Caroline Dries] has no heart and wanted us to finish the season throughout the pandemic and I told her it was a bad idea… i told her everyone was too distracted, constantly checking Covid updates checking on friends and seeing riverdale, the flash and super girl shut down already, i felt something bad would happen and [Dries] maybe visited the set 4 times in a year… UNHEARD OF.. (sic)”

Ruby also branded her co-star Dougray Scott – who has since left the programme – a “nightmare” with his behaviour towards women.

She said: “[He] hurt a female stunt double he yelled like a little bitch at women and was a nightmare.

“He left when he wanted and arrived when he wanted he abused women and in turn as a lead of a show i sent an email out asking for a no yelling policy, they declined.(sic)”