Eva Mendes didn't attend the Oscars with her husband Ryan Gosling because she would rather be with their children.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

The 43-year-old beauty decided to shun the chance to support the 36-year-old actor at the glitzy bash last month, where his film 'La La Land' picked up five gongs - Best Actress, Best Director, Best Original Music Score, Best Cinematography and Best Production Design - because she's not a fan of red carpets and prefers being at home with their two-year-old daughter Esmeralda and 10-month-old daughter Amada.

In an interview with Shape magazine, she explained "What people don't know about me is that I love being home. Instead of hitting the red carpet, I'd rather be with our girls."

The brunette beauty also shared how she is doing all she can to teach her girls about her roots by teaching them Spanish, listening to music and cooking up traditional Cuban meals.

She told the publication: "We're constantly playing Cuban music. I speak to them in Spanish, and my mom speaks to Esmerelda in Spanish. Any time I have an opportunity to introduce her or them - I have to say 'them' now, though my newborn just sleeps all the time - to my culture, whether it's through music, or through food, I do."

'The Place Beyond the Pines' star also admitted she's found it much harder to get her pre-baby figure back after having her second daughter, Amada, although she says her secret is simply the fact she never stops moving with looking after her little ones and she has banned junk food in their house.

She said: "In some ways, it's been more challenging to get back in shape after my second daughter.

"Yeah it's not as hard as I thought it would be, because I'm always running around with the kids.

"I never sit down - I'm on the move all day. And I don't keep junk food at home anymore, because I'm trying to set a good example."