Fadi Fawaz will "never" love again after his boyfriend George Michael died last year.

Fadi Fawaz

Fadi Fawaz

The 44-year-old dated the late music legend for seven years until the 'Careless Whisper' hitmaker tragically passed away on December 25 last year at his home in Goring-on-Thames, England, and the lover has insisted he will not be able to find another boyfriend "ever again".

Speaking to The Sunday Mirror newspaper, he said: "There will never be anyone ever again, that is the truth."

Fadi discovered George dead at his Oxfordshire property in 2016, and he has revealed the moment has ruined his Christmas forever more as he now "can't stand" all the festive cheer and decorations because it reminds him of his loss and makes him "so sad".

He added: "I can't stand all the Christmas trees or lights around London.

"It makes me so sad."

The photographer will be spending the Yuletide in the countryside with his friends, but he wishes Christmas was "over and done with" already.

He added: "I will be spending Christmas in the countryside with some friends

"I just want it over and done with."

Not only has Fadi vowed never to love again, he has also promised not to speak of George's death any more because he doesn't want to suffer "another wound" by remembering the "worst day of [his] life".

He explained: "I don't think I want another wound in my body. I don't see the point in telling the worst day of my life to the world.

"George was one of a kind, I have lost a unique man."

But Fadi is not the only relative close to the former Wham! band member who struggles coming to terms with his death at this time of year.

George's family said in a statement: "This Christmas will be hard without him, but we know that we are not alone in our mourning the anniversary of his loss.

"Christmas is not always easy, life isn't perfect and families are complicated."

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