Fans shouted "potato" every time Noel Gallagher's name was mentioned at the Oasis documentary premiere in Manchester on Sunday (02.10.16).

Liam Gallagher at the Supersonic premiere

Liam Gallagher at the Supersonic premiere

Noel, 49, didn't attend the screening of 'Supersonic', which tells the band's story up to their performances to over 250,000 people at Knebworth Park in 2006, and the crowd delighted Liam, 44, by yelling out his new nickname for his estranged brother.

Liam blasted his brother for not attending the premiere, saying: "He's far too busy in his big house. He's probably eating tofu right now as we speak with a face peel on. That's what they get up to, these posh people."

While the documentary only tells the story of the band - which split in 2009 after a huge fight between the Gallagher brothers - up until 1996, Liam is already hoping for a sequel.

He said: "We can do the downfall of Oasis, which would be equally as fucking entertaining, if not better. If you're gonna lose the plot - lose it properly. This is just half time now."

Liam also says getting locked up in a cell and sent back to the UK during a ferry trip in Holland was his personal favourite memory from the movie and mocked Noel for his anger over the incident.

He said: "Going 'how f**king dare you behave like this. You'll never get respected as proper rock and roll stars getting kicked off a ferry and f**king about and drinking...' F**k off. That was great. Our kid was only f**king gutted because he was sat in his bunker reading Shakespeare."