Farrah Abraham will not be slut shamed by other mothers on social media.

Farrah Abraham (c) Instagram

Farrah Abraham (c) Instagram

The 28-year-old reality TV star posted a Instagram video of herself dancing in a very revealing red thong bikini and a captain's hat on a yacht as her male friend played a violin and her 10-year-old daughter Sophia watched on.

Some of her followers were quick to post comments criticising her for dressing like that in front of her child, but Farrah is ignoring the haters insisting there's nothing wrong with being proud of your body as a woman.

Farrah - who has appeared in two pornographic films - told TMZ: "We live in a household together, we are fairly open. I have to say there is nothing wrong with a woman being, like, fully dressed in clothing - if that's a bikini set or whatever.

"I feel like a lot of moms are sex-shamed - which I have definitely have been in my life - and I think when I'm single, gorgeous, young and beautiful, I would almost regret looking back at my life not living a happy, outgoing life. And I would definitely hope my daughter is never shamed to cover up herself and not be her happiest."

However, Sophia was never caught on camera and fans only speculated she was looking on as her mother gyrated on the boat.

The former 'Teen Mom' star also insisted that her daughter Sophia was not paying much attention to her mother's antics.

She said: "She was over there making TikToks and having fun and dancing. The yacht's kind of big, so if some of us are in the front and we're just dancing and having fun - like my friend's playing his violin and his girlfriend's there.

"I didn't do anything that nobody else is doing. I actually think I live my life a little bit more conservatively than some people do."

Farrah also told the trolls that her daughter is more mature than her peers and can handle whatever is thrown her way.

She added: "She's started having BO (body odour), she started having armpit hair. Our kids are going through puberty, and luckily, my daughter is more well-behaved than other kids and her other peers."

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